Why is user experience so important for healthcare websites? Why should it be a priority?

Listen as we explore why digital accessibility is vital to creating the best online experience possible for patients. 

  • Get an in-depth view of the patient experience for a user affected by accessibility and usability
  • Learn more about implementing an accessibility process at your organization
  • Learn how automated tools can help streamline the accessibility process

The webinar lineup

Chris Olson -

Chris will give an inside view on how his healthcare experience is impacted by accessibility and usability practices online, including online appointments, patient portals, bill pay and more.

Paulette Bouchard - Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Brigham and Women's Hospital

Paulette will talk through accessibility at a healthcare organization, and how to implement an accessibility process, from testing to staff responsibilities.

Kevin Rydberg - Senior Digital Accessibility Consultant at Siteimprove

Kevin will share accessibility statistics and discuss how an automated accessibility tool can help streamline your accessibility process.

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