Why site speed matters for your business in 2020

Speed has huge implications for organizations that leverage the web as part of their overall business strategy – 66% of online customers say website performance affects their impression of a company. If your website isn’t fast, it’s going to cost you serious business.

To get expert insight into exactly how loading time impacts your website customer experience, along with practical tips on how to improve your speed, make sure to watch our webinar with Siteimprove special guest Essane Vally, Conversion Specialist at Google Netherlands.   

After watching this webinar you’ll know:

  • Why speed matters for users: from the customer experience point of view

  • The positive business impact of a fast website – including Google case studies

  • How site speed influences marketing performance

  • Which tools, like Siteimprove Performance, can help you improve site speed

For more information about the webinar or Siteimprove, please contact Andrei Popa: apo@siteimprove.com

About the webinar presenters

Essane Vally - Conversion Specialist at Google Netherlands

Essane Vally is a mobile specialist and a CRO enthusiastic advocate. Essane’s background is in sales and consulting and he previously worked in the mobile app world. Essane’s latest project is consulting with Google's strategic advertisers and partners in Northern Europe to improve their mobile customer experience through UX and conversion optimization.

Andrei Popa - Ads Product Expert at Siteimprove

Andrei Popa is the Google Ads Product Expert at Siteimprove. The combination of his engineering and business background has given him a technical and strategic approach to Digital Marketing and PPC. For the last 5 years, Andrei has been helping international companies generate brand awareness and actionable leads through PPC marketing campaigns.

Viktor Petersson - Performance Product Expert at Siteimprove

Viktor is the Performance Product Expert at Siteimprove and has previously worked within digital marketing for startups. In his role at Siteimprove Viktor helps organizations optimize their site speed and offer a better user experience for their visitors.

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