The Next Generation Accessibility module will be run on a new automated testing engine. The engine combines W3C Accessibility Conformance Testing rules with best practice accessibility recommendations. These enhancements will help you improve the end-user experience and achieve a higher level of accessibility conformance.

Reliability, Accuracy, and Transparency are at the heart of Siteimprove Next Generation Accessibility:

  • Reliability
    Siteimprove Next Generation utilizes a new data collection process, removing any discrepancies between the checking environment, the overview pages in the Siteimprove Intelligence Platform and the Page Report to ensure consistent and predictable reporting of accessibility issues.
  • Accuracy
    Siteimprove Next Generation features W3C Accessibility Conformance Testing (ACT) Rules that set a new industry standard for accessibility conformance testing. New checks and cross-check definitions based directly on industry approved W3C ACT Rules ensures a great level of accuracy and consistency across checks. Siteimprove is actively participating in the development of the new ACT Rules Format, and are frontrunners in implementing ACT Rules.
  • Transparency
    All new Siteimprove Accessibility checks, both rules taken in from W3C and Siteimprove recommendations, will be documented in the Accessibility Conformance Testing (ACT) Rules Format. This ensures full transparency around what types of content each check applies to, what this content is being checked for and how. Therefore you will always know why an issue is being flagged and what to do about it. 

If you would like to take part in the development process and provide feedback via usability testing and early access to iterated versions of the module, please fill in the form on this page.

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