What are the benefits you can expect from the upgraded Accessibility module? 

  • Reliable progress towards conformance, thanks to new checks based on the latest W3C standards​ 

  • Easier progress tracking with comprehensive Accessibility DCI score based on occurrences​ 

  • Increased testing coverage with in-tool assisted testing and expert guidance​ 

  • Clear direction for your organization with customizable goal-setting ​ 

  • Maximum remediation impact thanks to filtering by page section: allowing prioritization of the most exposed content ​ 

  • More insights and better understanding of accessibility issues with difficulty rating, issue explanations, and code examples 


Want to know more?

  • Check out our Academy course to learn how to kick-start your accessibility journey with the upgraded Accessibility module. Take me to the course! 
  • Or check out our blog post detailing the new features and the benefits to support you in your accessibility efforts.  Read the blog post 

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