How to Create Data-Driven Customer Journey Maps  

Over 90% of marketers agree that understanding customer journey data across channels and devices is critical to success, according to a survey by Econsultancy and Google.  

And yet, a Harvard Business Review and Salesforce study that found only 13% of companies have a single source of customer intelligence. That likely means that marketers need to cobble together different data sources in order to get an informed understanding of what customers’ journeys look like.   

In this eBook, we’ll go into detail about how you can do that using data that’s already. We’ll cover:   

  • What is a customer journey and why is it important?  

  • What does a customer journey look like?   

  • Why is data imperative for customer journey mapping?  

  • Finding data for the:
    • Consideration phase   
    • Evaluation phase  
    • Closure phase  
    • Post purchase phase  


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