A positive digital user experience is something every business should strive for.  

Undoubtedly – when it comes to website optimization, a strong SEO strategy is pivotal. However, if visitors are not satisfied with the overall experience of your website, they will leave your site and move on to the next (that is, your competition). 

A poor page experience will have a direct negative impact on your Google page rankings, resulting in a decline in traffic – and, ultimately, a loss of influence and revenue. 

From May 2021 on, page experience will become part of Google’s ranking algorithm alongside other search metrics to measure and rank the overall responsiveness and experience of websites surfacing in its search results. This means that more than ever before, page experience will be front and center in the race for Google’s top spot – if you fail to keep up, your business will fall behind.  

There are plenty of changes you can make to your website in advance of Google’s algorithm update, which stands to be a game-changer to website rankings in 2021.  

Use our preparation checklist to get started: 

  • What makes a good website experience? 
  • Why will Google’s new page experience ranking factor be business-critical?  
  • How can you successfully prepare for the algorithm update to keep ranking high on Google? 

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