Supercharge Your Website Analytics

As marketers and business owners, we have more data available to us than ever before. But are we collecting the right data? And how exactly do we use that data?

In this on-demand video, we will cover:

  • 8 conversion and engagement points every business MUST be tracking so you can
  • 5 common ways you are misreading your data right now – and how to fix it

Presented By:

Nate Tower - Director of Marketing at Perrill

Nate Tower is the Director of Marketing at Perrill, a full-service digital marketing agency in Minneapolis, Minnesota. He has spent the past 10 years in SEO, analytics, content writing, and other areas of digital marketing. He is experienced across a wide range of platforms and is certified in Google Analytics, HubSpot, Google Ads, and a long-time user of Adobe Analytics. 

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