Hear from the experts

Watch this short 35 minute webinar to hear from Ela Mikolajczyk, Digital Marketing Engineering Manager from GSK & Craig Thielen, Chief Essentialist at Trissential as they discuss the MarTech landscape and their personal experiences of consolidating. 

Discuss three pillars in tool consolidation:

  1. Technology - With over 8,000 MarTech tools, it is difficult to know when your tools are being underutilized vs. providing value. nderstand your current state before making any decisions. 
  2. People - Managing the people directly affected by your technology can be the most challenging part. Determine who that is and how you will work with them throughout the process.  
  3. Process - Maintaining your tech stack is an on-going process. Make sure you have the infrastructure built to manage the new tech stack long-term.  


Watch the Webinar