Standing out in today's digital market is more challenging than ever.

To break through the noise, brands must prove their value to not only their audience, but search engines as well. That's where topic clusters come into play.

Join us on Tuesday, December 7 at 10:30 a.m. CST to learn:

  • The importance of pillar pages and cluster content, and how to apply these practices to your modern SEO strategy
  • Actionable techniques for amplifying your content output
  • How to gain buy-in from leadership for manageable, sustainable, and measurable programs

Meet the speakers

Zach Coulter - Digital Marketing Sales Engineer

Zach Coulter is a Digital Marketing Sales Engineer at Siteimprove, working with customers and prospects to define and scale future-proofed content strategies. Zach started building and optimizing websites 15 years ago, applying his technical and storytelling skills to communicate relevance and authority using whatever tech lies at hand.

Diane Kulseth - Senior SEO Consultant

Diane Kulseth is the Senior SEO Consultant and Trainer at Siteimprove, where she leads SEO education for the US team and works with customers and prospective customers in building a stronger SEO strategy. With over 10 years of cross-vertical experience, Diane enjoys digging into and solving complex digital marketing problems that customers face, enabling them to connect with qualified audiences, and increase their brand reach.

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