This webinar goes through the new way of creating reports that can be sent to multiple people on a recurring basis.
You may be familiar with the old email reporting function, but with Dashboards, you have the ability to create cross-module reports.

Watch this webinar and learn:

  • Understanding who your reporting lines are?
  • Understanding what you currently report on
  • The new way of reporting
  • Scheduling reports

The webinar presenters

Dan Sitner - Senior Customer Success Manager

Mischa has worked at Siteimprove for over 5 years and within the Web Industry for over 10 years. Working with a wide range of businesses his role at Siteimprove is to provide platform support and guidance.

Limor Avichezer - Customer Sucess Manager

Limor has a background in customer management working with customers to enable their digital and marketing strategies.

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