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In this session we looked at the first stages of getting started with Accessibility Nextgen. Proving insight on what has changed and where to begin with the new generation of Accessibility.

Watch our recording and learn:

- What is Accessibility Next-Gen 
- First step to getting started with Accessibility Nextgen
- What has changed and tips on ways to reach your accessibility goals

About the webinar presenter

Adele Miftari - Customer Success Manager, UK

Adele has a wide range of experience working with different customers within different industries. Her role at Siteimprove is to help build outcomes for customers across disciplines like Search, Content quality and Accessibility and provide platform guidance to achieve your company goals.

Kristian Kristoffersen - Product Director, Accessibility

Kristian has worked at Siteimprove for 4 years within digital accessibility. He is heading up the development team and the delivery of Siteimprove’s newest Accessibility product. Kristian has worked with SaaS products for 10 years

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