This webinar goes through what account owner/training users can look at when using accessibility NextGen. 

We will also go through what we recommend by carrying out the following steps after switching to Siteimprove's new Accessibility product:

- First step to getting started with Accessibility Nextgen
- Setting a Site Target that matches your required compliance goal
- Set preferred permissions for reviewing potential issues
- Guide your team on how to focus on new issues
- Create a dashboard for your team
- Accessibility courses on Academy

The webinar presenters

Adele Miftari - Customer Success Manager and Accessibility Product Champion

Adele has a wide range of experience working with different customers within different industries. Her role at Siteimprove is to help build outcomes for customers across disciplines like Search, Content quality and Accessibility and provide platform guidance to achieve your company goals.

Inka Ilona Taagehøj - Accessibility Product Expert, R&D

Inka is a software product consultant specialising in accessibility. Passionate about accessibility monitoring implementations, strategic planning for digital inclusion, and inclusive design.

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