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Brand Consistency is where a business attempts to communicate messages in a way which doesn't detract or wander away from the core brand strategy, values, and foundation.
This webinar will showcase why Brand Consistency is important, how to get started and maintain a consistent voice across your digital estate.

Watch our webinar and learn:

  •  Why having Brand Consistency is important
  •  Ensuring Brand Consistency is followed across your digital estate
  •  Highlighting Brand Consistency errors in Siteimprove
  •  Content Contributor Dashboards
  •  Brand Consistency trends
  •  Q&A

About the webinar presenter

Mischa Brown - Senior Customer Success Manager

Mischa has worked at Siteimprove for over 5 years and within the Web Industry for over 10 years.
Working with a wide range of businesses his role at Siteimprove is to provide platform support and guidance.

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