Siteimprove and Sid Lee

Siteimprove is a SaaS company leading the industry in website governance, quality assurance, and SEO. We help digital marketing teams streamline the reporting and management of reliable, accessible websites in partnership with Sid Lee.

A design centric, global creative agency, Sid Lee uses insight to generate engagement, and engagement to drive conversation and conversion. They celebrate creativity, but always by rooting it in sound strategy backed by insights like those found within the Siteimprove platform.

What is the Insights Report?

It's a snapshot review with insights into your company's website health through the lens of our platform - presented in collaboration with our trusted partner, Sid Lee.

The Report provides grades in the three crucial areas of quality assurance, digital accessibility, and SEO based on hundreds of checks done by our cloud-based platform.

It also provides breakdowns of your website scores, shows some issues as they appear on your website, and even links to free tips for fixing the issues.

Companies that trust Siteimprove:

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