Get insights, tactics and strategies on how to optimise your website and develop a solid plan for growth over the next 90 days.

Join experts from Siteimprove and Speedwell as they dive into how to adapt and navigate your way through the current shifting market landscape.

Here’s what you'll learn:

  • Why do you need to adapt to the current landscape
  • How to create a 90 day program of actions and marketing activity
  • How to increase your conversions with optimised landing pages
  • Quick wins marketers can implement right now


S90 Business agility Workshop

Now is the time for your company to optimise your digital operations and get hyper-focused on activity that creates long-term relationships with your customers. Business Agility is the ability to compete and thrive in the digital age by quickly responding to market changes and emerging opportunities with innovative business solutions. 

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Speedwell is offering a giveaway:
3 x  full day and a half workshops 
Total Value $15,000


Gabriel Ponzanelli - Vice President, Asia Pacific and Japan at Siteimprove


With over 20 years experience in traditional and digital marketing across agency and corporate sides, Gabriel leads the APJ sales and marketing teams.

John King - Digital Marketing Technologist at Speedwell


John has 10+ years of MarTech experience in the FMCG, leisure, travel & tourism industries. He has 6+ years of experience implementing Sitecore platforms and is an expert in digital and content strategy, consumer psychology, website optimisation, social media marketing, CRM and dashboard integrations, email marketing, chatbots and User Experience research & design.

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