Finance After COVID-19 – The Urgency for Digital

Right now, banks and insurers cannot afford to either fall foul of the regulator or to offer an inferior online experience. COVID-19 is adding to the challenge and moulding a digitised competitive landscape. Discover the power of customer experience and the role that risk mitigation and online experience should play in your post pandemic strategy. Find out how to prepare for the digital, post-pandemic world from our exclusive report.

In this report, we analyse:

  • The higher stakes of risk mitigation
  • How to handle digital channel overload
  • The need to generate insights from online data

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Customer Experience - Online – the only experience available

This crisis is an opportunity for financial organisations to provide a supportive experience to both customers making their first steps online and online savvy consumers.

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Data Governance and Compliance - A threat to customer trust – an opportunity for data analytics

Priorities are shifting. Finance firms need to remain compliant, preserve the trust of their customers and reassure clients of business continuity amidst turbulent policy changes. With the right automated solution, financial organisations can seize control of the auditing of digital assets, freeing up their remote teams to focus on higher-level activity.

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Digital Marketing Specialist, Qudos Bank

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